[quagga-dev 525] ospfd terminates after deleting last network command?

Christian Hammers ch at westend.com
Mon Dec 8 11:31:10 GMT 2003


I have a reproducible ospfd crash whenever I delete the last network
command. Surely, ospf does not make much sense without it but the daemon
should at least give the a chance to enter new one...

[update: the problem exists when I install the current Debian unstable
package but vanished after recompiling it locally. If someone wants to
track down the problem I can supply the relevant binaries.. the crashing
binary sadly has no debugging information so gdb only tells that the
error happens during a strcpy() call.]
	router ospf
	 redistribute connected
	 redistribute static
	 network area

	# telnet localhost ospfd
	test-ospfd# configure terminal 
	test-ospfd(config)# router ospf
	test-ospfd(config-router)# no  network area
	test-ospfd(config-router)# Connection closed by foreign host.

The log file, with all debug options enabled, shows the following last
	2003/12/08 12:03:05 OSPF: ospf_process_stub(): we have 0 links to process
	2003/12/08 12:03:05 OSPF: children of V:
	2003/12/08 12:03:05 OSPF: ospf_spf_calculate: Stop
	2003/12/08 12:03:05 OSPF: ospf_ia_routing():start
	2003/12/08 12:03:05 OSPF: ospf_ia_routing():not ABR, considering all areas
	2003/12/08 12:03:05 OSPF: Pruning unreachable networks
	2003/12/08 12:03:05 OSPF: Pruning unreachable routers

After that only zebra is left in the process list. 



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