[quagga-dev 541] Recent ripng breakage

Hasso Tepper hasso at estpak.ee
Fri Dec 19 19:52:13 GMT 2003

Greg Troxel reported [quagga-users 1068] that ripng sends packets with 
only one route. I can confirm that. And I found cause of it as well. 

Cause is cvs diff -r 1.2 -r 1.3 lib/linklist.c

What happens is that no prefixes is added to the list of routes to 
send because:

+         if ((*list->cmp) (val, n->data) == 0)
+           return;

In ripngd/ripng_nexthop.c function ripng_rte_add uses 
listnode_add_sort to add prefixes to the list. But it fails to add 
most of prefixes because it compares nexthop's which are 0:: in most 
of cases.

_ripng_rte_cmp(struct ripng_rte_data *A, struct ripng_rte_data *B) {
  return addr6_cmp(&NEXTHOP_OUT(A), &NEXTHOP_OUT(B));

I don't have time at the moment to dig it further (my mathematics 
books are waiting ;). But I have feeling that we try to use 
listnode_add_sort in conflicting situations. In one case we might 
compare things that are equal and add nodes to the list even if they 
are. In other case we should avoid duplicates.

AFAIK need (is there really need?) to avoid duplicates was introduced 
by interface sorting patch by Cougar.

So, correct solution would be to revert last change in 
listnode_add_sort and introduce new function listnode_add_sort_nodup 
for interface sorting? Why should we avoid duplicates in inetrface 
list at all? Solaris have several interfaces with same name? IE. why 
not just if ((*list->cmp) (val, n->data) <= 0) instead of if 
((*list->cmp) (val, n->data) < 0)? Why return at all in case when 
comparable things are equal?

Hope, it helps.

Hasso Tepper

PS. I should stop reading mail probably to avoid temptation to hack on 
something ;)

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