[quagga-dev 458] Re: quagga-0.96.4 no longer redistribute

sowmini.varadhan at Sun.COM sowmini.varadhan at Sun.COM
Wed Nov 12 13:15:59 GMT 2003

> > > Let's assume that rC advertises network:
> > >
> > >  - rC send it to rA			<- OK
> > >  - rA send it to rB via	<- OK
> > >  - rB send it to rA via	<- shouldn't happend
> >
> > Replace the "====" link between rA and rB with 2 physical links (instead
> > of having 1 link with multiple subnets), and your "shouldn't happened"
> > case will happen. Testing for interface match will not prevent the problem.
> Oh, you can disable RIP per interface, you can make intarface passive.
> You can add route-map and match interface. But you can't disable
> RIP per address nor make address passive nor match connected address in
> route-map.

You can also do "no network" but that is not the point.

If there's a bug in the split-horizoning logic (in the RFC, not in
this particular implementation of the rfc), then all of these 
are workarounds.

I may want to have 2 links to support redundancy at layer 2,
or I may want to have interface aliases to support redundancy at layer 3,
RIP is supposed to play nicely with both solutions, without the
administrator having to cripple/disable/silence something.


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