[quagga-dev 229] Re: kernel BUG

John Fraizer syscow at EnterZone.Net
Tue Sep 9 01:40:09 BST 2003

On Mon, 8 Sep 2003, Bubba Parker wrote:

> received this kernel BUG while shutting down a Soekris net4521 (ospfd was
> running and the BUG mentioned ospfd...):

OK.  We know what hardware you're running... What OS?  BSD?  Linux? What?

Note: I suggest that you shut down routing processes prior to shutting
down network interfaces and the like.  It would appear that you don't have
a shutdown script for your routing processes and instead, you're simply
letting your shutdown script send a kill -TERM to them whenever it
likes.  Orderly shutdown will always make things easier to diagnose when
you have things like this happen.

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