[quagga-dev 242] quagga interfaces and sockets

Amit Kucheria akucheria at metricsystems.com
Tue Sep 16 00:13:59 BST 2003


How do the individual protocol daemons (ospf, rip, bgp) receive/transmit
their control packets (protocol messages)? 

In OSPF, I can see in ospf_network.c/ospf_sock_init(), that the daemon
creates a raw socket listening for all IP packets for protocol # 89.
Hence, a single socket gives it access to all the OSPF control packets
over multiple OSPF interfaces.

I am not able to figure out how RIP (which uses UDP datagram sockets)
gets hold of all RIP control packets over multiple interfaces. I see in
ripd.c/rip_create() the following:

  rip->sock = rip_create_socket()

Does RIP create a UDP socket for each interface that is running RIP?

Thanks for your time.


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