[quagga-dev 244] Running permissions

Nisbet, David David.Nisbet at thalesgroup.com
Tue Sep 16 19:04:42 BST 2003


I have been running zebra for some time now and decided to migrate to
quagga. I obtained 0.96.2 and it appeared to build ok under Slackware 8.0 /
kernel 2.4.21. I accepted the default quagga/quagga user/group values and
created the user as appropriate.
However, when I run the zebra and ospf demons, both return a 'bind:
permission denied' message although they continue to run and may be accessed
via telnet. It is notable that no outbound ospf traffic is visible on the
link and no neighbour relationships are created. If I change the user and
group to root, no error is produced and the protocols start up as expected.

I currently ./configure --with-vtysh --enable-snmp

This is clearly a permissions issue but my trawl through the code doesn't
reveal where and why this message is generated.
Can anyone shed some light?



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