[quagga-dev 248] configure should be more helpful if proc is not mounted

Christian Hammers ch at debian.org
Tue Sep 23 12:05:28 BST 2003


Please take a look at the following Debian bug report which also
applies to quagga:

   zebra doesn't build in a chroot environment where /proc is not
   mounted. The build fails with some obscure error message pointing out
   that IPCTL_FORWARDING is an undefined symbol (seems to be some BSD'ism
   according to google's distribution of search result).

   While I don't object that zebra needs /proc mounted to correctly
   build, I'd _really_ appreciate some more on-the-point error message.

I fixed that in my Debian package with a simple mount|grep check but
it should be fixed in the autoconf files.



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