[quagga-dev 262] Re: [quagga-users 491] Re: Hardware Spec for a route server

Gilad Arnold gilad.arnold at terayon.com
Mon Sep 29 12:56:31 BST 2003

I'm only relating to one item in your reply...

Paul Jakma wrote:

> another nasty bgpd problem (i /suspect/): type 'show ip bgp' so that
> you have the beginnings of your large bgp table displayed to you in a 
> pager. now leave it that way. I /suspect/ this blocks bgpd.

I don't believe it blocks bgpd: what I've experienced in zebra itself 
('show ip route'), and what I see in bgpd/bgp_route.c as well, is that 
when the lines limit is reached, the current route node is recorded to 
the vty's output_rn member (together with some other parameters, like 
the callback function, etc) and the process is released until further 
input is received from the user, be it 'continues' or 'break'. The only 
lock I can think of is the refcount of the current route node, however 
this shouldn't block anything, at least not as long as the route table 
is intact, of course (can that happen?! what happens upon 'no router 
bgp'? worth checking!... ;-> )


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