[quagga-dev 263] Re: [quagga-users 491] Re: Hardware Spec for a route server

Gilad Arnold gilad.arnold at terayon.com
Mon Sep 29 13:03:05 BST 2003

Paul Jakma wrote:

> just wondering, netlink can have multipart messages. does zebra make 
> use of this? or does it send one rtnetlink message per netlink 
> datagramme? and if not could we (hint hint gilad) make of use of 
> multipart messages? (and does that imply queuing and coalescing 
> support? ie rib_process queue -> message queue -> coalesce)

No it doesn't use it right now, for good reasons: work is generally 
synchronous in zebra, wrt to kernel management, namely zebra expects 
that a returned kernel call has accomplished its action (that's the main 
reason for using blocking read calls to get netlink acks, an otherwise 
intolerable practice in zebra). I assume that, in the presence of kernel 
work queues (somewhere around Q2-04... ;-> ), this could be implemented, 
but then again -- only for netlink interface (is it worthwhile? not sure)


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