[quagga-dev 1033] Re: Idea

Boris Kovalenko boris at tagnet.ru
Fri Apr 9 09:43:39 BST 2004

Hello, Paul!

>Depends on the idea.. what is it exactly? Major restructuring isnt a
>problem per se if it results in goodness.
Exactly - to do Quagga full featured routing daemon. It should support
as many routing protocols as possible and policy routing too. This will
help administrators to do their job in one place and more quickly. And
to do this task we should restructure Quagga for solid configuration
file support, I really see no reason to have as many configuration files
as routing daemons we have. IMHO. Looking forward another effect of
policy routing implementation will be ip accounting system in Quagga
just the way Cisco does. :) But of course, this is just a supposition.


With respect,

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