[quagga-dev 1064] Is bug #79 ever going to be fixed?

quagga at d.sparks.net quagga at d.sparks.net
Tue Apr 20 16:39:50 BST 2004

Hi All;

I find myself in a tight spot with a DoS on BGP session problem coming
up.  The solution is to use MD5 checksums with the BGP peer, and I have
patches for quagga .96.4 and for FreeBSD as required, thanks to Mike

However, quagga has bug #79 which prevents me from using it in this
case.  Since filing the bug at the end of January there hasn't been any
apparent action on it at all.  Since a timely fix would be very much
appreciated I'm led to ask whether anyone is looking at it, or even cares
whether quagga can be used in a route-serving capacity.


--- David

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