[quagga-dev 1074] Broken patch accepted? (Re: Problems with ripd in quagga-0.96.4)

Christian Hammers ch at lathspell.de
Sun Apr 25 20:35:55 BST 2004


The patch from Sowmini.Varadhan at Sun.COM in [quagga-dev 428] seems to be
in the CVS although Krzysztof Oledzki <oleq at ans.pl> told in [quagga-dev
490] that it "works for RIPv2 multicast but it completly breaks

As this seems to be the solution for the problem of Ralf Hildebrand I
forwarded to this list as [quagga-users 1820] ("RIP: Can't bind socket:
Invalid argument") I am wondering now if I could recommend him to
use the 0.96.4 with this patch applied or not. In the latter case I
would be curious if anybody is working on this problem at all :-)



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