[quagga-dev 1079] Route-Server patch: revision 0.16 + User guide

jrubio at dit.upm.es jrubio at dit.upm.es
Tue Apr 27 16:04:18 BST 2004

Hello again,

For everybody interested in the route-server patch (AFAICT just Paul and Mike
Gibbs :-), there is a new revision of the patch, which just fixes a minor bug
about export route-maps which caused bgpd crash.

The patch is available at the URL http://wamba.dit.upm.es/source/RSpatch/. There
you can find both the  patch itself
(http://wamba.dit.upm.es/source/RSpatch/quagga.tgz) and a short user guide which
I have written recently (http://wamba.dit.upm.es/source/RSpatch/RS-Guide.zip).

Thats all for the moment. As always, any comment will be welcomed!



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