[quagga-dev 1378] Dynamic Reconfiguration of Quagga (OSPF)

Matt Brown matt at mattb.net.nz
Wed Aug 4 01:34:46 BST 2004


I am working on a project to create a wireless mesh network and I am
currently looking at using quagga (specifically OSPF) for the IP level
routing portion of this project. 

Each node in the proposed network will have multiple interfaces that
will be managed by a control daemon, this control daemon will be
reconfiguring the interfaces (often at quite frequent intervals) in
order to maintain the mesh structure.

Initial testing with Quagga 0.96.4 indicates that it cannot handle
interfaces being taken up and down while it is running, let alone having
IP addresses and networks change. When these things happen Quagga
(perhaps understandably :)) seems to give up and sit there doing

I notice in the changelog for 0.96.5 there were some patches applied to
deal with dynamic point-to-point interfaces, but a note seemed to
suggest this support was still not complete.

My question is twofold.
1) Does quagga currently support interface configuration and status
changing while quagga is running?
2) If not (which I assume is the answer to 1), would it be feasible to
implement that functionality? what would be required?

With regards to question 2 my thinking is that there must be some way to
do it as I can reconfigure the router via the VTY interface, all I need
is some way to do this programmatically.

I look forward to receiving your feedback. 

Matt Brown
Email:	matt at mattb.net.nz
GSM: 	+64 21 611 544

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