[quagga-dev 1392] Re: Bounty for netlink/zebra desync problem

alex at pilosoft.com alex at pilosoft.com
Wed Aug 11 12:25:47 BST 2004

> > To help expedite this, I'll put 250$ bounty on the fix.
> wowser :)
> > Fix should include: * automatic detection that message was lost and
> > resynchronizing
> Ie, when ENOBUFS errno is encounter in
> rt_netlink.c::netlink_parse_info().

> > * a way to initiate resync manually, whether by signal or command-line
> This shouldnt be neccessary, if netlink can resync when needed.
I don't trust it. :)

> > This should be for *both* routing messages and interface IP address
> > changes.
> Note that Hasso has a patch:
> http://hasso.linux.ee/quagga/pending-patches/ht-20040512-netlink-rcvbuf.patch
> with which one can mitigate the problem by specifying a bigger receive
> buffer for the netlink socket on the zebra command line.  Indeed, with a
> big enough receive buffer, the need for troublesome resyncs
> dissappears..
I'm not so sure. I think [correct me if i am wrong] that max rcv buffer is
64k. I think desyncs happen when external routing event occurs at same
time as Zebra is adding or deleting a large batch of routes. I am not sure
if 64k is enough to cover that.

Although, I'm going to apply Hanso's patch - it might solve my 
problem...Bounty still stands ;)


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