[quagga-dev 1399] Re: link-detect issues (not quite working)

Eric S. Johnson esj at cs.fiu.edu
Wed Aug 11 20:53:03 BST 2004

brugolsky at telemetry-investments.com said:
> LinkWatch?  It's in the 2.6 kernel; see net/core/link_watch.c. 

Right it is. I misunderstood what that linkwatch code did. 

paul at clubi.ie said:
>I question the wisdom of wanting to remove the connected route.

Well, if ospf can provide a better (IE working) path...

But my further investigation has me confused, as a better path
*should have* come from ospf and is not anyway. Once I have a
plausible demo of the problem, ill post more.

(did I see something in other messages about netlink messages getting 
lost or delayed?)


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