[quagga-dev 1428] Report on BGP/OSPF Interaction in ZebOS/Quagga/Zebra

Avinash Ramanath avinash at cs.sunysb.edu
Sat Aug 21 17:14:13 BST 2004

Dear All,

I am Avinash Ramanath, a graduate from Dept. Of Computer Science, Stony
Brook University. I had been involved in a project to study the
interaction between BGP/OSPF with regards to Zebra/ZebOS/Quagga. I have
produced a paper as part of my analysis. This includes a brief description
of the Zebra architecture, as well as a detailed analysis of the code
leading to BGP/OSPF interaction. I have had the opportunity
to look into this detail with respect to the Zebra architecture. I have
also provided the details for conducting my experiments. The paper can be
found at:


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