[quagga-dev 1429] ospf_packet_max

Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Sun Aug 22 17:38:40 BST 2004

Anyone know why ospfd/ospf_packet.c::ospf_packet_max() has a magic 
number of 88 in it?

ospf_packet_max (struct ospf_interface *oi)
   int max;

   if ( ospf_auth_type (oi) == OSPF_AUTH_CRYPTOGRAPHIC)
     max = oi->ifp->mtu - OSPF_AUTH_MD5_SIZE - 88;
     max = oi->ifp->mtu - 88;

   return max;

I cant for the life of the me figure out why it's 88.

IP header: 20 bytes
OSPF header: 24 bytes

which is 44... why does the above use 88? (just reserving double 
IP+OSPF headers for sake of it?)

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