[quagga-dev 696] Re: q about prefix_same

Vincent Jardin Vincent.Jardin at 6wind.com
Tue Jan 13 09:42:18 GMT 2004


> Seems to me that prefix_same() does exactly what the author destined 
> it to do, which is comparing all elements of two prefixes. To your 
> comments, I can say that (a) I believe that prefix_cmp() implements 
> the functionality you were referring to; (b) prefixes with non-zero 
> lsbits are perfectly valid, as a prefix doesn't necessarily represent 
> a destination network -- it could well stand for an interface address, 
> where you'd require the lsbits to be non-zero, isn't it?; and (c) 
> there are several usages of prefix_same() that rely on it's exact 
> compare semantics (e.g. see usage in 
> zebra/connected.c/connected_check_ipv4()).
> So, what's the point? 

I agree. It should not be changed !


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