[quagga-dev 719] Re: ripd status

sowmini.varadhan at Sun.COM sowmini.varadhan at Sun.COM
Tue Jan 13 16:28:54 GMT 2004

> > Maybe zebra should do some internal management and set the 
> > SECONDARY flag (after we agree on some definition for it) for
> > OS-es where the kernel does not help us.
> On what basis should it set the secondary flag?

On the same basis as Linux?

> What about OS's where it 
> cannot set this flag at all (eg, Linux, and probably BSD as well) What 
> would be the meaning for an address to be "secondary" in the first 
> place? 

I think there's some misunderstanding here.. I was thinking of just
setting a flag that's internal to zebra [#], so that routing daemons
can behave consistently in sending behavior. As things stand now,
my understanding is that ospfd on bsd would send out packets with
source addresses that would have been marked "secondary" by linux.

[#] Obviously, you can't set/change flags in the kernel if it won't let
    you, and you can't (or shouldn't be able to) outsmart the kernel.


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