[quagga-dev 799] Re: ripd fixes [was Re: ripd status]

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Wed Jan 21 18:02:58 GMT 2004

  +      rip_interface_multicast_set(send_sock, connected, if_is_pointopoint(ifp));

I would think that these send-only temp socket should not bind to
router/udp, but rip_interface_multicast_set does that.

  I've also fixed indenting as appropriate, though (on Paul's request)
  the -uwb flags to rcsdiff doesn't list all the white-space fixes.

My own opinion, FWIW is that diffs should not make gratuitous
whitespace changes, but should make changes like indenting stuff now
within an if that wasn't before.

This can be done with -wb, but my preference is to not use those
options, avoid making unintened changes, and run cvs diff repeatedly
cleaning them up in the working copying before submitting.  I find
that after getting used to being careful this is very little to no
work.  The advantage is that it allows needed whitespace changes to be
made, following the notion that correctly-indented code before a
patch should remain correctly indented afterwards.

Wholesale whitespace cleanups (arguably needed in this case since the
code is messy whitespace-wise) should be committed with no other
changes.  This enables someone reading all the diffs (e.g. with the
help of cvsps) to omit whitespace-only diffs, since they are hard to

So in this case the -wb bit is not important, since after this patch
goes in one of us should just reindent the file; right now it is hard
to read.

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