[quagga-dev 1333] Re: ospfd dies -- bug in ospf_spf_consider_nexthop

Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Thu Jul 1 16:41:50 BST 2004

Right, best I can think of is something like:

   for ((THIS) = (LIST)->head; (THIS) != NULL; (THIS) = (NEXT))\
     if (((VAL) = (THIS)->data) != NULL)

   ((THIS)->next != NULL) ? ((NEXT) = (THIS)->next) : ((NEXT) = (THIS));

usage would obviously be:

LIST_LOOP_SAFE (list, val, tn, nn)
     LIST_LOOP_SAFE_NEXT (tn, nn);

1. is it worth it?

2. should we just replace existing LIST_LOOP with above (s/_SAFE//)
    and update all users?

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