[quagga-dev 1311] Possible memory leak for self-originated opaque LSAs

gunnar.stigen at axxessit.no gunnar.stigen at axxessit.no
Wed Jun 23 12:01:57 BST 2004

With reference to the ospfd in the Quagga 0.96.5 release:

It seems to me that there is a possible bug in the opaque module:

In ospf_opaque.c, there is a function named "register_opaque_info_per_id".
This is called when an opaque client wants to originate a new opaque LSA.
Upon registration, the corresponding LSA is locked by this registration 
function in the statement

oipi->lsa = ospf_lsa_lock (new); 

If the client wants to flush the opaque LSA, the call sequence is as 
=> ospf_apiserver_handle_delete_request  (struct ospf_apiserver *apiserv, 
struct msg *msg)
    => ospf_opaque_lsa_flush_schedule (old);
         /* Disassociate internal control information with the given lsa. 
        oipi->lsa = NULL; 
        free_opaque_info_per_id ((void *) oipi);

which I assume is the reverse action of what the registration function 

However, due to the statement  "oipi->lsa = NULL;"  the LSA is not 
unlocked within the function
Consequently, the LSA is not freed after the LSA maxage actions are 
carried out. What I experience,
is dangling" LSAs in memory with lsa->lock = 1 and with no reference to 
the LSDB.

Have I misunderstood something ?

Regards Gunnar Stigen 

re are  the free_opaque_info_per_id (void *val)  
static struct opaque_info_per_id *  
register_opaque_info_per_id (struct opaque_info_per_type *oipt,   
                             struct ospf_lsa *new)  
  struct opaque_info_per_id *oipi;  
                       sizeof (struct opaque_info_per_id))) == NULL)       
      zlog_warn ("register_opaque_info_per_id: XMALLOC: %s", strerror 
      goto out;  
  oipi->opaque_id = GET_OPAQUE_ID (ntohl (new->data->id.s_addr));   
  oipi->t_opaque_lsa_self = NULL;  
  oipi->opqctl_type = oipt;  
  oipi->lsa = ospf_lsa_lock (new);  
  listnode_add (oipt->id_list, oipi);  
  return oipi;  
static void  
free_opaque_info_per_id (void *val)  
  struct opaque_info_per_id *oipi = (struct opaque_info_per_id *) val;     
  OSPF_TIMER_OFF (oipi->t_opaque_lsa_self);  
  if (oipi->lsa != NULL)  
    ospf_lsa_unlock (oipi->lsa);  
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