[quagga-dev 1750] Re: Permissions of /etc/quagga with/-out integrated config and multiuser vtysh

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Mon Nov 1 00:23:28 GMT 2004

  Ciscos can only do telnet (except some newer with special feature

ok, but I hope they at least do krb5 enc/auth...

  And if there's a routing problem you sometimes have to connect to
  the neighbor router of a Cisco (e.g. our Quagga machine) because
  there's no route back to your linux desktop any more. So telnet is a

Sure, that's true with quagga, and I've been there numerous times, but
whether you ssh in and run vtysh or telnet to the 2600 port, it's the
exact same problem.  But if the daemon has crashed, then you have to
log in.

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