[quagga-dev 1551] Re: [quagga-users 2787] Re: Multiple OSPF

Rick Payne rickp at rossfell.co.uk
Tue Sep 28 15:05:20 BST 2004

--On Tuesday, September 28, 2004 3:13 pm +0200 Arnold Nipper 
<arnold at nipper.de> wrote:

> AFAIK there is no need for this restriction. On Cisco is possible to run
> multiple OSPF processes in parallel. And I've already encountered
> problems where onky multiple OPSF would give a solution.

Surely the zebra protocol needs a bit of an overhaul to make such a thing 
work correctly? As I recall, when you redistribute a protocol, it only 
allows you to specify the protocol type (ie. OSPF) rather then the protocol 
and instance (as you can do on other routers).

I would resist going down the 'quick hack' route of running multiple 
instances of ospfd unaltered - it will only lead to misunderstandings.


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