[quagga-dev 3116] Re: list loop cleanup/audit

Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Tue Apr 5 16:32:44 BST 2005

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Hasso Tepper wrote:

> Merging last changes from Akihiro are still in my TODO list. Lets 
> face it - I don't see any resources to duplicate this work.


> It would be extremely stupid IMHO not to benefit from this. I 
> understand that difference between Quagga and Zebra will grow 
> though. In fact I almost like the listloop cleanup now. Just 
> remember - I will continue to merge changes from GNU Zebra code 
> anyway, I'm just asking not to make my life harder. ;)


Note that merges with this patch will still be as 'easy', just more 
tedious. You'll have to manually fixup list usage. If it's too much 
you'd always have the option of undef'ing the 
QUAGGA_NO_DEPRECATED_INTERFACES define for that daemon alone. (not 
sure how much good that would do though, the tedium will be due to 
changes already made resulting in small but obvious rejects).

> Another issue is third party developers which was my main objection 
> regarding initial patch. We have at least two big public projects 
> which are based on Quagga - Linux MPLS and HSLS.

I know about those. And yeah, i now see your point - we should try 
not to break things for others if at all possible.

> I know about 10 in house projects in various companies which are 
> based on Quagga or Zebra.

Wow :).

> Some of them are based on quite old Zebra code. There are probably 
> many more projects like these. Quagga isn't just piece of software 
> - it's platform for many solutions. We should respect these 
> developers. Therefore we should have rules to deprecate API _and_ 
> document API changes. Deprecating is there already, seems. Lets 
> think what we can do about documenting these changes.

Docbook or doxygen or somesuch. I have 0 familiarity with these 
things though :(

> About current patch. I don't object to the changes in ospf6d and 
> bgpd. Paul knows the reason ;). In fact I fixed ospf6d crash in the 
> 0.98 branch before the release, see the log message ;).


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