[quagga-dev 3120] Re: tips or guide needed howto wite a complex buildroot makefile

Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Wed Apr 6 01:27:15 BST 2005

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Claus Klein wrote:

> Hi,
> while providing a buildroot makefile for the ospf router package 
> quagga I run into some problems:
> 1.) quagga needs netsnmp, and netsnmp needs openssl libs and 
> headers installed.

You dont need netsnmp. net-snmp is build-time configurable - just 
leave it out if that suits you better.

> 2.) how to prevent that the host libs and headers are found and 
> used while configure?

That should be handled fine already. LDFLAGS includes 
-L$(top_builddir)/lib before any other paths - similarly for the 
variable which controls -I. (INCLUDEFLAGS - i dont recall off the top 
of my head).

>     * And, all binaries should be striped, but not with 'install 
>       -s' like many makefiles do!

If you *must* strip the binaries (eg tight on space), please *please* 
package up the unstripped binaries into a seperate 'debug' package, 
so that we stand a chance of supporting endusers who happen to run 
into problems. Quagga tries to dump a backtrace if it hits a SEGV or 
assert (thanks to Andrew Schorr), and it helps to have symbol 
information - either in the binary directly, or for the enduser to 
have access to the pre-stripped binary as part of a 'debug' package. 
Recent gdb's support loading symbol information from seperate 

(--enable-gcc-rdynamic might work to retain symbol information even 
after stripping, on ELF).

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