[quagga-dev 3565] Re: 0.98.4 bug report: files ospf_opaque.c, ospf_vty.c and

d binderman dcb314 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 2 08:00:34 BST 2005

Hello there,

>You don't have to. Right place for bugreports is bugzilla.quagga.net, btw.

Thanks for the advice.

>There are a lot of warnings while using icc, we are ignoring many of these
>as well (see configure.ac in HEAD).

Fair enough.

I had made the assumption that 3 * reading uninitialised memory
and 7 * array subscript out of range would be serious enough to
be worth fixing.

Maye this assumption is not accurate, in the case of the quagga project.

>Patches are always welcome to fix remaining warnings.

I guess that the 3 * reading uninitialised memory can be fixed with
trivial patches.

The array subscript out of range warnings, I'm not so sure.
I'll be happy to leave that to someone with more idea of the code.


David Binderman

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