[quagga-dev 3596] Re: [PATCH] address-family ipv6 multicast support for bgpd

Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Sat Aug 20 00:47:22 BST 2005

Hi Hugo,

On Sat, 20 Aug 2005, Hugo Santos wrote:

> Hi Paul,
> After a bit of reading of Quagga source's i've cooked up a first 
> version to support ipv6 multicast configuration in bgpd thus 
> allowing the multicast safi to be negotiated and supported (ipv4 
> multicast was already supported). This patch is against HEAD and 
> was tested in Debian Linux/x86 with a Cisco IOS peer.
> A new function is added to the vty: ``address-family ipv6 multicast``.
> Please review for inclusion in main line code.

Looks fine, will commit later.

> If David Lamparter isn't working on it yet, my next patch will enable
> multicast safi prefix redistribution.
> Any comments are welcome.

Continue on :)

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