[quagga-dev 3597] Re: quagga MRIB (from MBGP/IPv4 Multicast)

David Lamparter lists at diac24.net
Sat Aug 20 03:25:27 BST 2005


> If David Lamparter isn't working on it yet, my next patch will enable
> multicast safi prefix redistribution.

I'm still in the "pondering" stage...

>> Unfortunately, correct. There isn't a good means to use zserv 
>> 'anonymously'. This hopefully will be fixed when someone gets round
>> to cleaning up zserv.

The thing is, it'll require touching the zserv API anyway because there
just is no SAFI field currently. While just adding one is not much of a
problem, redoing it correctly and better is a practicable option too.

=> What are the issues with the current API?

Also, Vincent Jardin off-list said he already implemented this into
Quagga 2 years ago but it was left unmaintained.

Hoping for comments and opinions on what and how to do,

- David

P.S.: Vincent asked what I need it for. Some of our devices aren't
multicast capable, but route a big part of our unicast traffic. USC pimd
currently uses the kernel FIB to look up reverse paths, causing hell to
break loose...

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