[quagga-dev 3600] Re: quagga MRIB (from MBGP/IPv4 Multicast)

David Lamparter lists at diac24.net
Sat Aug 20 15:39:12 BST 2005


> After a couple questions to Paul off-list my approach for now would 
> involve adding new commands with a MCAST counterpart
> (MCAST_ROUTE_ADD, etc) and then change the RIB api and others that
> have no SAFI arg. to have one and deduce the SAFI from the command
> type.  I also considered re-doing zserv to better support SAFI but
> like Paul said that would involve more work, but if you are doing it
> i'll halt my work.

Hmm. Ok, I'll concentrate on converting pimd to libzebra then, leaving
the API alone for now. If quagga is to get full multicast routing
support, it'll be an entire new API anyway (kernel cache management,
*/G/SG join redistribution, IGMP, etc.). That stuff currently is in
pimd, but really is protocol-independent...


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