[quagga-dev 3605] Re: couple questions on MRIB support

Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Mon Aug 22 13:51:34 BST 2005

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005, Hugo Santos wrote:

> and DELETE, with the current ones setting AFI_UNICAST only. We 
> could instead have new REDISTRIBUTE_{ADD,DELETE} commands which 
> allow setting both afi and safi, with the current ones defaulting 
> to v4 and v6 (if available) and AFI_UNICAST. Input?


> properly (i.e. don't install multicast routes into RIB). I'm 
> guessing the only place to feed the safi is into 
> zebra_queue_node_t, anything against?

It acts as the argument to rib_process, so yes, I think - err rather: 
no, nothing against.

> Finally, while there is MRIB support for v4 in Linux (only an 
> example), there is none for IPv6, so the routes can't be installed 
> into the kernel (so we'll call zebra_install_kernel for unicast 
> only). This is a limitation that exists right now but the MRIB 
> entries are still useful in Quagga to be redistributed to other 
> daemons (via rib_process) which might be interested in them (which 
> is my case) and for nexthop lookups.

Indeed, we shouldn't encode current limitations of one implementation 
into our RIB, if we're working on it.

> As always, any input is welcome.

See above :)

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