[quagga-dev 3608] Re: Route Server 0.96.5 X 0.99.1

Niels Bakker niels=quagga at bakker.net
Tue Aug 23 13:27:23 BST 2005

* torres at pop-pr.rnp.br (Pedro Torres) [Thu 18 Aug 2005, 04:23 CEST]:
>I am doing some test with quagga 0.96.5 and 0.99.1. The 0.96.5 version 
>is patched with RSPatch (http://wamba.dit.upm.es/source/RSpatch/) and 
>0.99.1 is latest unstable release.
>Using the follow RS configuration I have different behavior:
>With 0.96.5 version I receive all prefix expected showed (3 update 
>messages X 4 peers):
>With 0.99.1 version I do not receive all prefix expected:
>Through "show ip bgp rsclient <neighbor address> statement each Loc-Rib 
>is ok!

I've seen the same thing.  Somewhere between 0.96.x (what most Internet 
exchange points with route servers in Europe use) and 0.98.3, this 
functionality broke.  I haven't been able to figure out where, it's 
pretty random which prefixes do not get propagated.

Note that "sh ip b rs <peer> <route>" for a route that should be 
advertised but isn't does say "Not advertised to any peer", even though 
it is in the peer's RIB, as you said.


	-- Niels.

"...in the course of any normal person's life, miracles happen 
 at a rate of roughly one per month."
			-- John Littlewood, University of Cambridge

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