[quagga-dev 3619] Re: quagga MRIB (from MBGP/IPv4 Multicast)

David Lamparter lists at diac24.net
Wed Aug 31 11:48:47 BST 2005

Jochen Friedrich wrote:
> ftp://robur.slu.se/pub/Routing/Zebra/

I took a look at that quite a while (> 9 months) ago, and discarded it
for a reason I can't remember anymore... I think it was due to lacking
BSR support and due to the restriction to Linux (USC pimd, despite being
one big hack, runs on quite a lot of platforms). The code is even more
ancient than USC's pimd.

My USC pimd to quagga port is progressing rather slowly, but I didn't
give up yet. Don't expect anything earlier than chrisnukkah :).

- David

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