[quagga-dev 3857] Re: Configure rtadv from another software

Romain KUNTZ kuntz at sfc.wide.ad.jp
Thu Dec 1 09:36:41 GMT 2005

Hi again,

Maybe someone will be interested in such feature, so here is patch 
against quagga-0.99.2 that allows dynamic advertisement of new prefixes:

Basically, a new Interface Command is available for neighbor discovery. 
When activated, rtadv listens to rtnetlink. When an address is added to 
an interface, the prefix the address is configured from is automatically 
  advertised on the link. When the address is deleted, the prefix is not 
advertised anymore.

The motivation is for example when you use prefix delegation for IPv6, 
you do not need to configure rtadv once you received your prefixes and 
configured your interface's address.



Romain KUNTZ wrote:
> Hello,
> I am interested in the router advertisement daemon included in quagga. 
> Actually, I would like to be able to configure the prefix sent in the RA 
> from another program.
> I am not sure which is the best approach, maybe I can get some advices 
> from this list. It seems that there are no API available for this, so
> my idea was to use the netlink interface: when my program add/remove 
> IPv6 addresses to an interface, quagga can be notified and add/remove 
> prefixes associated to this interface. Is there another easier way to do 
> so?
> Regards,

Romain KUNTZ
kuntz at sfc.wide.ad.jp

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