[quagga-dev 3863] Question about date & time changing in QUAGGA .

Yossi Boaron Yossi.Boaron at veraznetworks.com
Mon Dec 5 11:09:13 GMT 2005


The thread timer scheduler in QUAGGA is implemented using absolute time and not relative time (thread.c).

I think that changing system date (clock) can damaged(even stop) QUAGGA functionality.

Assume the following scenario :

1. Current date&time is : 12:53:12 	Dec 05 2005
2. I'm adding two timers for QUAGGA scheduler
	A. run function F1 after 60 seconds (12:54:12 Dec 05 2005).
	B. run function F2 after 120 seconds(12:55:12 Dec 05 2005).
3. I'm changing date&time to : 12:53:12 	Dec 05 2004

functions F1,F2 will be called by QUAGGA scheduler only .................. one year from now.

Am I missing something ? Is there any option to change date & time without affecting QUAGGA?


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