[quagga-dev 3872] Re: Configure rtadv from another software

Romain KUNTZ kuntz at sfc.wide.ad.jp
Wed Dec 7 06:06:19 GMT 2005

Hi Paul,

Paul Jakma wrote:
>> Actually this is quite limited. For example you cannot tune the RA 
>> options such as the lifetime advertised in the RA etc. So I am not 
>> sure this feature is really usable in the real world.
> That could be set in advance though? I.e. the configuration information 
> would be pre-configured, just the sending of RAs would be conditional.

Yes exactly. The patch I sent works exactly as you describe: all 
parameters have to be pre-configured, only the prefix does not need to 
be configured. It is automatically added when a new address is setup on 
the interface, and removed when the address is deleted.

However, this is not enough for prefix delegation, as the prefix 
delegated may have a specific lifetime that you may want to include in 
the RA.

>> In my environment (Mobile Networks) I cannot use such idea. I do not 
>> know if you are familiar with NEMO, but the Mobile Routers have a 
>> tunnel to their home agent in which usually no route are advertised. 
>> Using the "dynamic routing" mode in NEMO may match your scenario. 
>> However this mode is not implemented in the implementation I use :P
> Ah. Interesting.
> I'm interested in the 'real world IPv6 site' case and how RAs should be 
> managed/propogated across an entire site. Some kind of framework for 
> having conditional advertisements could be interesting for both of us.

Do you mean a framework in Quagga? This would be really useful. 
Unfortunately I do not have the time to work on that at this moment, 
that's why I only coded this little hack. I hope you can move forward on 
this though.


Romain KUNTZ
kuntz at sfc.wide.ad.jp

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