[quagga-dev 3881] Re: tiny zserv problem on solaris

Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Wed Dec 7 15:08:57 GMT 2005

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Greg Troxel wrote:

> It's the same issue, but this is another case, where we really want 
> to have a predicate in the daemon "does the interface have the foo 
> property" and that has to check different kernel flags on different 
> operating systms.

Aha. You're saying we should abstract flags we know and care about? 
How far do we take it?

> I was suggesting that you add kernel flags to zserv.  Then we can 
> migrate usage of flags that deviates from 'standard', where 
> historically this means the common ancestor 4.4BSD to use 
> kernel_flags, and then standardize semantics of zebra flags.  If 
> you do this (add kernel flags) you might as well change the size of 
> zebra flags to 64 bits to avoid future format changes.


> Even if you don't do anything about kernel flags, it would be nice to
> put it in the zserv protocol now to avoid another flag flag day.  Once
> done, it might as well have exactly the kernel interface flags,
> though, even if it's just carried and not used for now.

Right, I get you now.

Could we use this abstracted zebra flags for link-state too? Or keep 
it seperate? (Probably should be seperate, given link-state would be 
better represented by a number/enum than a set of independent flags).

> In summary, I see this as a way with little additional work and no 
> additional pain to make incremental progress on flags cleanup.

ACK, good idea.

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