[quagga-dev 3524] Stub Network to Summary LSA

Vincent Jardin Vincent.Jardin at 6wind.com
Wed Jun 29 12:04:40 BST 2005

I have seen 2 behaviors and I am not sure which one should be considered 
as correct:
  - when OSPFv2 gets a Network LSA thru a virtual Link, it generates a 
summary LSA:
    + into all the connected areas (Cisco case) even if these areas 
already have another summary LSA comming from another ABR (1).
    + into the connected areas that are not crossed by the Virtual Link 
(Quagga case) (2)
  - when OSPFv2 gets s Stub Network (Router LSA) thru a virtual Link,
     + Cisco generates a summary LSA into each connected area (3),
     + Quagga does not generate any summary LSA into the connected areas 

I do not see any recommandations about what should be the best practice: 
(1) or (2) and (3) or (4) ?

I think it should be (2) and (3), doesn't it ? We could use abr_type 
(cisco|standard|...) in order to control these behaviours :D
But what should the standard case be ?


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