[quagga-dev 3529] address-family vpnv4 configuration question

Kris Olander kriso at packetdesign.com
Thu Jun 30 20:19:52 BST 2005

I'm investigating the RFC 2547bis possibilities in Quagga and am 
starting to realize that some components are there but not quite all of 

I'm trying to see how route-targets (rt) and route distinguishers (rd) 
get integrated into bgp via the available CLI and it looks like part of 
this is handled with the

address-family vpnv4 (?ipv4) line

	network A.B.C.D/M rd RD tag TAG


What I haven't seen documented and can't quite figure out is what is 
the "tag TAG" field for?

Also, I'm guessing that the way to get route target (rt) information 
for a particular rd is by using a route-map.  This would probably take 
care of most of the 2547 configuration if we could now somehow figure 
out how to have BGP handle multiple virtual router/forwarding tables 

Am I close here?

I know James Leu is working on a Linux VRF, but there still needs to be 
a vrf aware version of BGP.

My company, Packet Design, has a product that can monitor MPLS/BGP VPN 
(rfc 2547bis) networks and I'd like to be able to build some simulated 
VPNs using Quagga, Netkit, UML, etc.  I'm more than happy to test any 
code people want to produce.  I'm not adept at coding BGP -- I'm not 
one of the brilliant network engineers at Packet Design -- so I can 
only offer testing/QA services to the greater Quagga/BGP developer 

-Kris Olander
  Packet Design, Inc.
  kriso at packetdesign.com

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