[quagga-dev 3720] Re: BGP distribution into OSPF / next-hop is dropped?

John Fraizer syscow at enterzone.net
Thu Oct 6 02:57:03 BST 2005

Joe Rhett wrote:
> Hm....  That's an interesting thought.  It doesn't scale well, since I'd 
> need to match on each peer's AS# and change the next hop based on that, 
> but it has the value of working.
> The only gotcha is that we have dual-redundant peers with dual links 
> with many of these customers, so I kindof need to know which next-hop 
> they are asking us to use...

You can do that with communities.  Use the community to tag the route in 
some way when you learn it from the customer.  Then, use whatever you 
tag the route with to determine if/how to inject the route into OSPF.


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