[quagga-dev 3637] Re: 0.98.5 release MDK getuid ? partially OK as root ?

jdx jdx at fr.oleane.com
Fri Sep 9 15:59:45 BST 2005

Thanks for your explanations  :
as I said on Zebra list (about Fedora)
I solution partially the problems
by running as root.

In a word, it seems just less problems when operating as root !
(except bad-written conf.files ... ;-)

I'm sorry not to give more time to your detailed answer
before the week-end (better on Monday).

Thansk to all of many answers and help I already found
by reading Zebra and Quagga mailing list.

Have a good WE..

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From: "Paul Jakma" <paul at clubi.ie>
Subject: Re: [quagga-dev 3635] Re: 0.98.5 release MDK getuid ??
>> But still some problems when from user quagga !
>> (I use a shell script s.sh to start deamons,
>> for I didn't enforce yet me to use qatchquagga ?? how to do ?)
>> - zebra / ripd / ripngd :
>>  all of them say
>> Can't set multicast flag
> Did you start as root?
As 'root' no problem for now
but as 'quagga' (set just as you explain below : problems..)

>> - ospfd don't start : just says :
>> geteuid : Operation not permitted
>> ospfd: Illegal seek
> Uh, odd.
In 'root'
>> - ospf6d don't start : just says :
>> ./s.sh: line 10   4470 Aborted       /usr/local/sbin/ospf6d -d -f 
>> /etc/zebra/ospf6d.conf
> Try setting the 'router-id' explicitely in ospf6d.conf.
>> I want to understand special installation conditions, so I didn't use any 
>> rpm (unlike the Fedora Core4 where I also test it !)
> The conditions are:
> - you must have a quagga user and group on your system.

Its' OK

> - The names of the user and group must either match the default
>   compiled into Quagga (default to 'quagga', you can change it with a
>   configure option) OR you must specify these when you start the
>   daemons with the -u and -g command line options.
Seems just problem when user 'quagga' on :
     zebra  = setting multicast on Ethernet interfaces
     ripd    = error on line   'network eth1'
               (but no error when 'root' !)
     ospfd  = geteuid : operation not permitted
                   ospfd : illegal seek
             (but when 'root'  other messages =>
                   Can't find specified netwoark area configuration
                   Please specifiy an existing interface (twice)
                  (I suspect a remaining config error  -time later-)
      ospf6d = Aborted....
            (runned well when 'root'  /may be same .conf   error)

> - whatever user you run as must have write permissions to:
>  - the configuration directory
>  - the local state directory
>           (default /var/run/quagga, --localstatedir)
   OK I found that (cf.Fedora)

> You can establish whether problems are due to above by running the daemons 
> as root with '-u root'. Wouldn't reccomend this for production usage.

I suppose later problems about conf files....and eth at IP !
I shall go on, and answer twice monday if more problems...

> Reading the RPM spec file might also be enlightening as to what is 
> required (or installing an RPM and seeing what it does..).
 I shall go on (another thing to learn too....)

>> I didn't go yet on gdb, for I'm -really NOT used to !
>> Another thing, for I saw mails thread about : vtysh
>> Is there any HOW-TO : this seems interesting
>> for it provided (AFAIK supposed to;-)
>> an unique inteface for Telnet to daemons..
> You must have readline development files installed, if you do there should 
> be a 'vtysh' binary. Run it as root.
Yes, done as root / working, but no so easy to understand
how to run with Quagga.conf   <= ## =>   individual *.conf  ?

>> I alos tried service integrated-conf but I did not yet understand 
>> Quagga.conf !
> I would reccomend avoiding 'service integrated-conf'.
> Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie paul at jakma.org Key ID: 64A2FF6A

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