[quagga-dev 3645] Re: time to deprecate ucd-snmp?

Vincent Jardin Vincent.Jardin at 6wind.com
Wed Sep 14 14:38:02 BST 2005

>A question for all: is it time to deprecate ucd-snmp?  I get the
>impression (but I'm not paying attention so am unsure) that net-snmp
>is the logical successor to ucd-snmp which is now considered crufty
>and unmaintained.  In NetBSD pkgsrc (which is a noisy measure of what
>the NetBSD folks feel is relevant :-), I see net-snmp and not
>ucd-snmp.  Further, net-snmp is marked to conflict with the ucd-snmp
>package - which does not exist but must have in the past.
>So, I think we can simplify quagga by simply dropping support for
>ucd-snmp and depending on net-snmp only.  Then, the whole "look in
>/usr/local" bit can be avoided since AC_CHECK_HEADERS will just work.
I think that we can deprecate ucd-snmp support, by saying that the 
compilation has to be done manually for thoses who still need it. It 
means that the Makefile.am or configure.ac have to be manually modified. 
So, we can continue to commit patches for people who still use ucd-snmp 
when they do send some patches, but we do not support it automatically 


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