[quagga-dev 3665] Re: 0.98.4 bug report: files ospf_opaque.c, ospf_vty.c and ospf6_asbr.c

Hasso Tepper hasso at estpak.ee
Mon Sep 19 18:12:04 BST 2005

Andrew J. Schorr wrote:
> OK, so does something like the attached patch make sense?  Note that
> there is some disagreement in the existing code about how to represent
> a system route.  In zebra/zebra_vty.c:route_type_char, ZEBRA_ROUTE_SYSTEM
> maps to 'S', but in ripd/ripd.c, ripngd/ripngd.c, ospf6d/ospf6_zebra.c,
> and ospf6d/ospf6_asbr.c, it maps to 'X'.  Thoughts?

Have you seen ZEBRA_ROUTE_SYSTEM routes in practice? How? ;) And 'S' is
used for static. If for some mystic reason system routes will appear in
the rib, they will not cause confusion ;).

Hasso Tepper
Elion Enterprises Ltd.
WAN administrator

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