[quagga-dev 3675] Re: Patch to fix multicast problem on FreeBSD 5.x

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Wed Sep 21 16:51:23 BST 2005

   to the lowest level (lib/sockopt.c:setsockopt_multicast_ipv4) and

I'd be inclined to

  have the generic code just drop/add if it gets EADDRINUSE, and have
  the second error be treated as 'real'

  raise issue of drop-while-down on lists, but perhaps try anyway and
  don't complain if it fails.

There is a logical problem, but it's a common drop-while-down problem
that affects all daemons that want to be joined to groups on all
interfaces that are up but not those that are down.

With the drop/add on EADDRINUSE, we can leave the state bit as you
have it and continue to set to notjoined on failure, so notjoined
means 'sure not, or not sure'.  I don't see a reason for added
complexity at this point.

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