[quagga-dev 4306] Trouble with RIP route-maps

Ralph B ralphb1.quaggadev at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 09:00:01 BST 2006

I've been trying some experiments with RIP and OSPF route-maps in
Quagga 0.98.5. My first attempts show some odd results that I would
appreciate your

As an example, I'm trying to stop being redistributed to
rip, so I've used the following ripd.conf:

router rip
 redistribute kernel route-map FILTER_RM
route-map FILTER_RM permit 10
 match ip address prefix-list FILTER_PL
ip prefix-list FILTER_PL deny
ip prefix-list FILTER_PL permit any

Now when I "route add -net netmask gw"
I see in ripd's logfile that " is filtered by route-map"
however, in ripd's VTY I nevertheless see a new kernel route appear using "show ip rip".

So, what's going on?  It's filtered but not filtered ... ?

The equivalent syntax in ospfd.conf appears to filter as expected - a
"route add" of a filtered route will result in an ospf log entry
"Redistribute[Kernel]: filtered by route-map" and NO new
entry will be seen with "sho ip ospf database".

Now, I've noted the following in the quagga manual (section 5.8):

In current Quagga's test implementation, ripd applies route-map after
routes are listed in the route table and before routes will be
announced to an interface (something like output filter).

Is this the explanation of the non-fitering I am seeing?  If so, I
fail to see that rip's "redistribute route-map" can perform any sort
of meaningful filtering at all.

Is this (bug?) fixed in a later quagga version?  Or is there some
other way of filtering routes being redistributed into the rip route

Thanks in anticipation for your assistance.

Best regards, Ralph.

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