[quagga-dev 3951] Re: point-to-point interfaces on linux/ospf

J.J. Krabbendam jkrabbendam at aimsys.nl
Fri Feb 17 13:28:39 GMT 2006

Paul Jakma wrote:

> Hi Jaap,
> On Tue, 14 Feb 2006, J.J. Krabbendam wrote:
>> Sorry for sending two messages, but I had trouble with my mail and I 
>> thought that I lost the first one. Anyway, I was able to have full 
>> adjacencies over the point to point links now. I use 
>> setsockop_ifindex() and pktinfo code based on 
>> zebra/irdp_packet.c:send_packet
> Care to send in a diff of your changes?
> regards / met vriendelijke groet,


Actually, my kludge worked and it was good enough to have multiple 
parallel p2p links get adjacencies, however it broke other things so I 
have to look into that and I think that it will take some time.

Jaap Krabbendam.

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