[quagga-dev 3952] RIP and multiple routes

Yossi Boaron Yossi.Boaron at veraznetworks.com
Tue Feb 21 10:40:17 GMT 2006


I start testing RIP protocol with a CISCO router.

I find out that QUAGGA does not support multiple routes for the same destination (with an equal RIP metric).

After looking in the sources, I think QUAGGA implementation support only one nexthop for specific destination network.

struct rip_info only support one next hop , it should be changed to a list of next hops for specific destination.

/* RIP route information. */
struct rip_info

  /* RIP nexthop. */
  struct in_addr nexthop;
  struct in_addr from;


Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance

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