[quagga-dev 4195] zebra static route source specifier support [RFC]

David Stevens dlstevens at us.ibm.com
Thu Jun 29 22:42:37 BST 2006

The following patch adds support for setting the source address in
static routes via zebra on Linux.

1) The patch is relative to quagga 0.99.4, not the CVS tree.
2) IPv6 commands and source support in zebra are included,
        but I don't believe the current Linux kernel supports
        setting a preferred source for IPv6
3) It's had limited testing, though I'm not aware of any bugs
4) The command support should be #ifdef-ed for Linux+netlink,
        since the "src" specifier won't do anything without it.

        I'll do some more testing with it, and I also want to
look into adding RTA_PREFSRC support for IPv6 to Linux
netlink, but I wanted to get this patch out soon and get
comments on it.

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