[quagga-dev 4129] Re: Inconsistent "inactive" route in OSPF

Paul Jakma paul at clubi.ie
Mon May 8 17:54:27 BST 2006

On Mon, 8 May 2006, Matthias Ferdinand wrote:

> IIRC, then the route to the <routerid> was considered "inactive", 
> but the <net> routes were accepted. Possibly this workaround was 
> only possible because the other OSPF routers were also running 
> Linux and responded to ARP request to any of their ip addresses

Ok, fair enough. That seems reasonable. The patch I posted earlier 
should (with some additional debug/refinement no doubt), address 

I'm still of the opinion olsr is adding needless routes though, if it 
adds host address as /interface/ routes, on the same link as the 
normal connected route. ;)

That patch may address /some/ of the OLSR interoperability issues 
(e.g previous paragraph), however doubtless not all of them. E.g. I'd 
like to see zebra 'show ip route' output for the following cases (if 
OLSR does it):

- OLSR installed '<on-link>/32 via <other on-link nexthop>'
- OLSR installed 'host/32 via </different/ link to hosts 'normal' link>
- OLSR  " 'host/32 via <nexthop on /different/ link to hosts normal link>

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